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Week of June 1-5
Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. It is hard to believe that we are in June. Here is an update on kindergarten and 1st grade activities for the week.

Kindergarten: The stories this week focus on making predictions. There are 3 different stories that students will listen to and can work on making their predictions including The Runaway Bunny, The Rainbow Fish, and How Do Dino’s Eat Their Food? Students will review what vowels and consonants are and how they can be combined to form words. In science, students will study both plant and butterfly life cycles. In social studies, students will learn about important symbols that represent the United States, as well as looking at the words that make up the Pledge of Allegiance. Lastly, in math students will practice counting on by using a number line. Have a great week!

1st Grade: The reading focus for the week is on making inferences. Students will learn about what it means to make inferences by watching Egg Hunt, which is a short film created by Pixar. In math, students will define and continue patterns on, including ABAB, AABB and ABCABC patterns. A book that focuses on patterns is Pattern Fish. In social studies, students will differentiate between wants and needs and will look at goods and services, deciding on whether they are considered wants or needs. In science, students will create a summer STEM box. Students can gather supplies around their homes and use these supplies to complete science experiments. Have a great week!

Week of May 26-29
I hope that everyone had a really nice Memorial Day yesterday! The weather was beautiful outside. Here is the plan for the week ahead:

Kindergarten: In reading, students will focus on the main character when listening to the story Lily's Purple Purse. In addition to the main character, students can make predictions, and draw the setting of the story. In phonics, word families are the focus this week including at, in, un, and ish words like cat, fin, fun, and fish. In science, students will look at living versus non-living things, as well as complete an experiment with pennies. In social studies, students will look at life in the past versus present life and will complete a "timeline of me", focusing on important events in their lives. Have a great week!

1st Grade: In reading and social studies, students will be learning about Memorial Day. There are videos to watch, a mini book to create, and songs to listen to. Students will focus on the importance of Memorial Day as well as learn about some symbols that represent this special day. In math, subtraction is the focus of the week. Students will practice their subtraction skills by watching videos, and answering math questions. Have a great week!

Week of May 18-22

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the really nice weather over the weekend! I think we may get quite a bit of rain ahead of us this week, but a nice weekend ahead! Here is the plan for kindergarten and 1st grade this week: 

Kindergarten: Students will be working on making predictions. Listening to the story Where the Wild Things Are is a great book to focus on when making predictions! There is also a Brain Pop video about making predictions. In math, pattterns is the focus. Watching a video of a song called Banana, Banana, Meatball on GoNoodle will be a fun way for students to practice patterns! In science, students will study the 4 seasons. Lastly, community helpers is the topic in social studies. For your Zoom meeting, students will be asked to dress up as their favorite community helper, such as a fireman, police officer, mail carrier, or crossing guard. 

1st Grade: This week students will receive a special letter in the mail with a fun project! Keep your eye on your mailbox for your surprise! With this, students can learn about story elements including characters, setting, and problems and solutions. In social studies, students will learn about economics. One way to begin to understand economics will be to learn about the difference between needs and wants. Students will have the chance to collect items around their home and let their teachers know if the items are needs or wants. In math, addition is the topic of the week. Playing an adding game using dice is a fun activity on the schedule! Lastly, in science, students will study the 4 seasons and can create a tree that represents all 4 seasons at once.


Week of May 11-15

Hello Everybody! I hope that everyone had a nice Mothers Day over the weekend. Here is a summary of what our Kindergarteners and 1st Graders have going on this week. I hope that you have a great week!

Kindergarten-This week there are some exciting stories to listen to, including Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep and Incredible Ned. Students will learn about nouns as a part of speech and will read the story A Cache of Jewels to help them develop their understanding of what nouns are. In math, numbers up to 20 is the focus this week including writing numbers, creating a number line, and matching numbers. In science, students will study matter and how it changes. They will learn about solids, liquids, and gasses and do a water experiment. Lastly, in social studies, students will talk about the difference between needs and wants.  


1st Grade-This week, non-fiction is the focus in reading. Students can create their own non-fiction book and label the features that make it non-fiction including captions and table of contents. Students will learn about compound words, and how adding two words together such as cup and cake will create a new word, cupcake. In social studies students continue their study of symbols, this week focusing on important symbols in Virginia including the state bird, the cardinal, and the state flower, the dogwood. In math, fractions is the topic of the week, and playing a game called If you were a fraction will be fun practice for students. Lastly, students will conclude their study of the sun in science and have the option of creating a science journal.


Week of May 4-8

Hi Parents,

This week I have added two stories and activities to our Seesaw account. Please use your students Seesaw log in and you will find the stories under your students name. Thanks!

This week in Kindergarten, students will be reading the stories David Goes to School, Crankenstein and Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. Phonics lessons will focus on vowels including the story Old McDonald Had a Vowel. In science, students will learn about shadows and for their social studies activities, students will study events and people from other times and places including George Washington, Mt. Vernon, and Abraham Lincoln. Have a great week!

In 1st grade, students will focus on non-fiction text features including captions and photographs and will have the opportunity to create their own book scavenger hunt. Your reader this week is called The Nice Mice, and after reading, students can create long and short vowel flashcards and play a memory game with them. In social studies, students will learn about important symbols including the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, and a bald eagle. In math, students will learn about what “half” means. Your science study will be about the sun. Have a great week!

Week of April 27-May 1

Hi Parents, I hope that you are all doing well. In ESOL, I use the Seesaw program with students to provide activities. Should you have lost your child’s Seesaw log in information, please email me at and I can get it to you ASAP. With this log-in information, your student will be able to open the Seesaw app on a tablet and complete activities that they will hopefully find fun! These activities are optional, but if you are looking for activities for your student to complete, Seesaw has wonderful options. I hope that everyone has a good week ahead! Here is the schedule for the week ahead for Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Kindergarten: This week students will be writing about planting and focusing on whether they would like to plant vegetables or fruits. Students will listen to the story Corduroy as well as Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash. In science, students will study the 5 senses and learn what these senses are and how they help us. Students will be learning about prepositions such as under, over, next to, and using them to describe location. Do not forget your Zoom class meeting on Tuesday!

1st Grade: This week students will continue their animal studies by learning about animal habitats. Students will learn what it means to be a good citizen and focus on the character trait honesty. In phonics, students will look for words that have the silent “e”. In math, graphing is the focus and students will continue to learn about different types of graphs and how to gather information by looking at a graph. Lastly, students will learn about non-fiction texts. Do not forget your Zoom class meeting on Wednesday!
Week of April 20-24
Hello Everybody! We are almost at the end of the month of April. Both Kindergarten and 1st grade have exciting weeks ahead of them with their optional lessons. Here is a description of what is ahead this week:

Kindergarten: Students will have the opportunity to listen to both The Cat in the Hat and Cookies Week. Students have their class Zoom meetings on Tuesday morning (4/21) and will work on rhyming words. In honor of Earth Day, students will focus on both recycling and reusing materials. Have a great week!

1st Grade: Students will learn about Earth Day and have the opportunity to make an Earth Day craft and read a mini-book. Students will focus on adjectives, the descriptive part of speech. In order to develop and understanding of adjectives, students will play a Mystery Bag game. Blends will also be a focus this week, including br, cl, and gl words. Don't forget your classes Zoom meeting on Wednesday morning this week! If you are interested, please check out my Flipgrid, I am reading the story Giggle, Giggle, Quack this week! My Flipcode is: sqbuk7i ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Week of April 14-17
I hope that everyone had a happy Easter holiday yesterday!

In Kindergarten this week, students will have the opportunity to see their classmates in a class Zoom meeting on Tuesday morning (4/14), review short vowel sounds, write about their friend Mabel, complete a time capsule, and create a vehicle and paper airplane in Maker Space.

In 1st grade this week, students will have the opportunity to see their classmates in a class Zoom meeting on Wednesday morning (4/15), complete an animal research project, learn about graphing, and study ways to be a good citizen.

I will be holding my weekly office hours each week on Mondays from 9-9:30 and Fridays from 9-9:30. I will be available via email, please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Thank you very much! Megan DeBerry ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Update April 8, 2020: I hope that everyone is staying healthy during this time away from school. While we are taking a break, please continue to read, read, read! As a recommendation, I have my own children using Dreambox, MyOn, and Study Island while we are home. Please use your Clever badges to log in, this will give your child access to all these wonderful programs. I sure miss my students and am looking forward to getting back to WRES soon! Yours, Megan DeBerry Here is the link to the PWCS Home Learning website, it offers great examples of schedules students can keep up with while at home: I have included a link so you can learn more about the Prince William County English Learner Program: Please use this link for information on how the state of Virginia supports, teaches, and assesses multilingual learners. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, my name is Megan DeBerry and I am very happy to be teaching ESOL here at Westridge Elementary School! This is my 8th year teaching, and my 2nd year in Prince William County. I am a military spouse, mom of 3 kids that all attend Westridge, and I originally come from Northern California. In my free time I love spending time with my family including my two dogs, watching movies, running, and swimming.

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