Hello parents and students. 

I hope you are healthy and safe during our health crisis. 

I am sure many of you are looking for fun things to do while at home because you are safer there. 

So please allow me to help you with that. 

Week of June 1st - 5th: 

Week of June 1st – 5th:

**Reminder: All art activities are optional. **

For Kindergarten – 1st grade: Hearts galore


1. Do a Google search of J Goldcrown. His large heart murals should pop up right away.

2. Find a piece of dark construction paper. Black will be the best for this project.

3. Using sidewalk chalk, draw as many cool hearts as you possibly can on your piece of paper.

4. You can also use other drawing tools to make your hearts, or bright colored paint mixed with white is also a good idea!

5. Once this is dry, post it up somewhere in your house, I’d love to see it!


For 2nd – 3rd grade: Keith Haring cut outs.


1. Complete a Google search of Keith Haring for kids.

2. Find a piece of construction paper of your choice, it can be any color.

3. Find a picture of a Keith Haring character and draw that character as big as you can on your piece of construction paper.

4. See the different pictures below to get an idea of all the cool poses your characters could be doing.

5. Cut the character out and ask Mom / Dad / grandma / grandpa if you can tape it up somewhere in the house.

6. Repeat as many colors as you want to! Create a cool little group of characters.


For 4th – 5th grade: Painting with string


1. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcBV0B3TwdE

2. Find a piece of white paper, and a piece of string about a foot long.

3. Fold that piece of paper in half either way.

4. Dip your piece of string in a cup of paint of your preferred color.

5. Put that piece of string on one side of the paper.

6. Fold that piece of paper together and press down firmly, but not too hard. You don’t want to tear the paper, just enough to leave the paint behind and pull the string out.

7. You can also do this inside of a book if your parents let you.

8. Have fun and repeat with as many colors as you want!



For all grade levels: Please send me pictures of your artwork because I would love to see them!


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