Hello! My name is Ms. Shaw and I am one of the PE teachers at Westridge Elementary School. I have three years of teaching experience. This year marks my first exciting year at Westridge. I really enjoy working with kids and teaching them what life has to offer. My goal in physical education is to educate young individuals on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle all while having fun doing it!




First we want to let each and every student know we wish you a great summer and cannot wait to see all your smiling faces when we return to school. 5th graders, congratulations on promoting out of elementary school and moving on to middle! Our last lesion it is a "you pick 2" from your favorite lesson on our page!

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We hope you have a wonderful summer! What a wild and crazy year. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!


Ms. Shaw & Mr. Gordon

PE lesson week June 1-5


Lesson: Sock-er Skee Ball

Objective – Use feet to manipulate ball into target!

Grades K-5

Equipment needed:

  • laundry basket
  • a bucket
  • tupperware container
  • 10 "sock" balls (roll a sock into a ball)

The object of this game is to see how many points you can score by kicking the sock balls into your different targets. Each target represents a different number of points. See how many sock balls you can kick and land in each target. The smaller the target, the greater the number of points you get!


Laundry basket = 1 point

Bucket = 5 points