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Ms. Lyman

Hello and Welcome to my Web Page.  This is my third year at Westridge Elementary School and my second year teaching 1st Grade.
I was born in Baltimore Maryland, but moved to Virginia in 2000.  I have three wonderful children and two crazy cats.  My twin boys are both off at college, but come home to visit often.  My daughter is 14 and is in 8th grade.  Teaching is my second career.  I graduate from Towson University with a Degree in Business and earned my MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.  I decided in my late 30's that I wanted to be in a  profession where I was able to work with children and be a part of their journey.  I received my degree in K-6 Education from Towson University and  here I am!!

I love helping kids learn and grow both academically and emotionally. 
I look forward to working with your child to create a love of learning and to be the best that they can be in and out of the classroom.  Thank you for sharing your most precious gift with me!!

End of the Year Class Video - Can be found under the File and Documents Tab

Remote Learning Plans for each week can accessed by clicking on the Remote Learning Documents and Files link in the left column.  The plans are listed by week.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.  

Below is a temporary schedule that will apply to the remaining full weeks of school until summer break. County policy is that we assign 60 minutes of instruction per subject, including specials, each week. A schedule for this week (April 14-17) can be found under REMOTE Learning. Hopefully, this will help you, as parents, create a routine and structure for your child while making sure that he/she is able to access curriculum for each subject each week. This schedule is temporary, as of right now. Administration will finalize a schedule sometime this week.  

I will post the plans for each week on my Web Page and send them in an email through the HUB.  

 All of this work is optional and ungraded. We are assigning work that is a review of the curriculum that has been learned thus far. We are not instructed to assign any work for any SOLs that have not been covered yet. There will be 60 minutes of activities for each subject. We will attempt to put all specialists (guidance, library, P.E., music, and art) on one schedule for you to access. You can choose to do all of the activities for each special on 1 day or you can split it up as you the specialists deem necessary. Our official specials schedule should be: P.E. (Mon.) Music (Tues.) Art (Thurs.) Library/Guidance (Fri.).  If the specialists do not get their information to the team, prior to posting the plans, you will have to check their class webpages on the WRES website. Each specialist will post activities per grade level. If your child is serviced my Ms. Grzasko, she will be posting activities on her website, as well.
Please watch this video of how to navigate Canvas... A new online resource the county will be using next year.

 All of our Zoom class meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 11:30. Again, these are optional and will generally be used as a way for us to connect and check in. Beginning on Wednesday, April 22, I will have office hours between 10:00-11:00.  During that time, I will be available to parents on e-mail, phone or Zoom.  Parents, if you would like to set something up or need me, please e-mail me. Keep in mind that my office hours are not the only time you will be able to contact me through the week through email at any time.  Every Wednesday from 2:00-3:00, I will be planning with the first grade team.  Please use Wednesday afternoons, starting next week, as a time for your child to catch up on work, simply help around the house, use our computer program, or read! 

 We have compiled some online resources that you may need for the lessons on the last page of the plans. Most of the resources can be accessed through Clever, but there are some that have log in information that was previously mailed out to you. Please use this page to help you remember what is available. Note, you are not limited to what is on the page. These are the most common pages that will be accessed. 
 We did not allot time for independent reading, for pleasure, because of the limit on time. Feel free to exceed the 60 minutes, by reading books at home or by reading books on MyOn or Raz-Kids. You may voluntarily exceed the 60 minutes for any subject, for that matter. Mrs. Machovich also recommended using the following site for books:  
 Mr. Khan e-mailed us another resource that you are free to use on your own time. The site is This site can be used for all subjects. Please use this unique URL, not just going straight to the Moby Max website because this site is generated specifically for our school. Your child’s username and password is his/her first and last name in all lowercase letters. For example: julialyman (username) & julialyman (password). If your child’s last name is hyphenated, please exclude the hyphen.  

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