Here is a link for a fun daily project:

Here is a reading BINGO activity:

Reading BINGO

Read a book that has been turned into a movie or cartoon

Read a mystery or adventure story

Read a historical Fiction story

Read a story with a princess or a knight

Read a cartoon or graphic novel

Read an article from a newspaper, nonfiction or NewsEla

Read Outside

Make a fort and read in it

Read aloud to someone else

Read a “New-to-you” book

Read an ebook

Listen to someone read a book to you


Read a book about someone who is KIND

Read a fantasy story

Read a book suggested by a friend of family member

Read a book under a tree

Read a book with a one-word title

Read with a flashlight

Read in an empty bathtub

Read while wearing a costume

Read in bed

Read a realistic fiction story


Read with your feet in the air

Read to someone on the computer (EX. Facetime Grandma and read to her)