Attached are the lesson plans and activities for this week. There is also a summer calendar that was put out by the math department for optional extended summer learning in math! I cannot believe that this is our last full week of school. It has surely been a memorable and eventful 2020! 

Our zoom meeting will take place on Wednesday at 9:30. If you CAN, PLEASE be present for this meeting. The theme of this meeting is "MOVIE MORNING MEETING". During the first 20 minutes, I will play a 15-20 minute "movie" showcasing the students' photos and videos from the year. I am so excited for this. Invite a family member or two to watch the movie with your child and maybe eat breakfast while watching. :-) I would absolutely LOVE to see your child wearing his/her new tee-shirt for our last meeting. After the movie, Mr. Steimer will meet with our class one last time. 
First Grade Schedule 6.8 to 6.12.pdf
Hi parents,
Attached is the first grade lesson plans and the files for this week (May 11-15).
Please remember to fill out the survey if you would like your child to participate in the at home scavenger hunt on Wednesday after our Zoom Meeting. 
The link is:

Thank you, again, to the Westridge PTA and to the kind parents who have sent me teacher appreciation gifts. I appreciate you now more than ever as you are the ones executing the instruction. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist you!
Have a great week!
First Grade Schedule 5.11 to 5.16 MARTIN.pdf
FRIDAY Fractiongamestoconsolidatetheearlylearningoffractions.pdf
FRIDAY InteractiveSunEarthJournal.pdf
MONDAY NonFiction Features Scavenger Hunt Student Copy.pptx
MONDAY SS Extension - Dogwood Tree and Flower.pdf
MONDAY SS Extension - VA Cardinal.pdf
MONDAY VirginiaStateSymbols.pdf
TUESDAY SS Extension - Diversity Read Aloud.pdf
THURSDAY FractionGamesforFirstGrade.pdf
THURSDAY AND FRIDAY FairShareorEqualParts.pdf
Mrs. Grzaskos activity short a bump game.pdf
May 4-8
Hi there,

 Attached are this week's lesson plans. You will find that each file is named for a specific day of the week. I hope that this helps when attempting to download the files. There are 2 optional math extension games in there, as well if your child would like a challenge!
You can always find these files on my class webpage. 
On Monday, your child will be working on some "secret" Mother's Day plans. It may be best if another family member (not Mom) helps your child during Monday's reading lesson. 
Wednesday's Zoom meeting information is in the plans. 
This week's theme is "WACKY WEDNESDAY!". Come to the meeting dressed wacky or you may even create a wacky Zoom virtual background! (school appropriate, of course)
This meeting will be a little different. We will not sharing anything this week, but Mrs. Kolcun will read the book Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss and we will look for what is wacky in the story! We will also have a special guest or two. ;-)

If you have any questions, please let me know! 
Mrs. Martin

First Grade Schedule 5.4 to 5.8 Martin.pdf
Friday FractionPowerPointfor1stGrade.pptx
Friday IceMeltingSunExperiment.pdf
Friday the Sun Poem.docx
Monday AmericanFlagColoringPage.pdf
Monday MothersDayFloweredAcrosticPoem.pdf
Monday MothersDayOpinionWriting.pdf
Monday PledgeofAllegiance.pdf
Ms. Grzaskos idea short a word work.pdf
Thursday and Friday KWL Sun.pdf
Thursday and Friday Math FairShareorEqualParts.pdf
Thursday Math Extension FractionGamesforFirstGrade.pdf
Thursday math extension RollSlideCoverFractionGame.pdf
Tuesday The Nice Mice.pdf
Hi everyone, 
Attached are this week's lesson plans. This week, we will be reviewing honesty (good citizenship), graphing, silent e, non-fiction vs fiction text, and habitats.  
 Please review the plans before downloading the files. Mrs. Lyman plans social studies and attached many OPTIONAL "extra" activities. While this is wonderful, it makes the list look very overwhelming. Therefore, it is not necessary that you download every single file this week for social studies. The files for reading, math, and science will be necessary to complete the activities.  I will post the optional activities in a separate post.
Also, please be sure to check out Mrs. Crosson's additional resources on our specialist's corner. She added some wonderful activities to help reinforce the silent e! 
The link for the Zoom Meeting on Wednesday is in the plans. Please look out for this week's "theme" in the coming days! 

First Grade Schedule 4.27 to 5.1 MARTIN.pdf
Social Studies - Making Connections Templet Paper (1).pdf
Social Studies - Honest QRI Codes (1).pdf
Snake and Ape Decodable Reader.pdf
Optional Activity - Honesty - Lyric Sheet (1).pdf
Optional Activity - Acrostic Poem Honesty (1).docx
Optional Activity - Honest Coloring Page.pdf
Optional Activity -Honesty Coloring Page (1).pdf
April 20-24

Attached are the lesson plans for this week. Notice some of the specialist's lesson plans are the same as last week. That is okay. The school did not get the newsletter out in time. 

In addition to the plans, there are documents that you may need for the plans. There is also 1 document from Mr. Sample (the instructional technology coach). 

You can also find these files under the files tab.

Have a great week and I will see you on Wednesday for our class meeting!

First Grade Schedule 4.20 to 4.24 Martin.pdf
Instructional Technology.docx
roll a word.pdf
Dear parents, 
 I apologize about the lengthy post, but please be sure to read all of the following information. Below is some information that should be helpful at this time. 
 Attached is a temporary schedule that will apply to the remaining full weeks of school until summer break. County policy is that we assign 60 minutes of instruction per subject, including specials, each week. A schedule for this week (April 14-17) is also included. Hopefully, this will help you, as parents, create a routine and structure for your child while making sure that he/she is able to access curriculum for each subject each week. This schedule is temporary, as of right now. Administration will finalize a schedule sometime this week.  
 Each week, the plans will be posted on Sundays on the Bloomz page and on the website. I will send an email out using the Hub, but I cannot attach documents. Therefore, if you do not access Bloomz, you will need to visit my class webpage in order to access the files for that week. Along with each lesson plan, there may be files that accompany the plans. These, also, will be posted on Bloomz and on the class webpage.
 All of this work is optional and ungraded. We are assigning work that is a review of the curriculum that has been learned thus far. We are not instructed to assign any work for any SOLs that have not been covered yet. There will be 60 minutes of activities for each subject. We will attempt to put all specialists (guidance, library, P.E., music, and art) on one schedule for you to access. You can choose to do all of the activities for each special on 1 day or you can split it up as you the specialists deem necessary. Our official specials schedule should be: P.E. (Mon.) Music (Tues.) Art (Thurs.) Library/Guidance (Fri.).  If the specialists do not get their information to the team, prior to posting the plans, you will have to check their class webpages on the WRES website. Each specialist will post activities per grade level. If your child is serviced my Ms. Grzasko, she will be posting activities on her website, as well.
 This week, the teachers will attend a meeting to explain how to use Canvas. This should streamline a way that students can turn in assignments. As of right now, feel free to e-mail me pictures of completed work, post on Bloomz, or post on Flip Grid. When I know more information about Canvas and how to access it, I will update you. Our flipgrid page is: The password is: martincl2 
 If you do not have a printer, please do not worry. Just write your answers on a separate piece of paper and you can e-mail them to me or post an oral response to our Flip Grid account.  
 The report card schedule was delayed this quarter and report cards should be sent out some time during the first week of May. If your child is missing any assignments in my gradebook due to absence or because he/she was still working on it, I will reach out to you individually with some way that your child can make up the assignment at home. It may not look identical to the assignment given in class, but it will cover the same SOLs. Report cards only include grades and assignments that were given up until March 13th. The reading section of the report card will reflect the level in which your child was reading as of March 13th (on, below, or above).  
 All of our Zoom class meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 9:30. Again, these are optional and will generally be used as a way for us to connect and check in. Wednesday afternoons, beginning next week (4/20-4/24), will serve as my office hours and team planning hours. During that time, I will be available to parents on e-mail, or Zoom if necessary, from 1:00-2:00. Parents, if you would like to set something up or need me, please e-mail me. Keep in mind that my office hours are not the only time you will be able to contact me through the week. I am very responsive to e-mail or Bloomz posts/messages. That being said, I will be planning with the first grade team from 2:00-3:00 on Wednesdays and will be unavailable. Feel free to use Wednesday afternoons, starting next week, as a time for your child to catch up on work, simply help around the house, use our computer program, or read! 

 We have compiled some online resources that you may need for the lessons on the last page of the plans. Most of the resources can be accessed through Clever, but there are some that have log in information that was previously mailed out to you. Please use this page to help you remember what is available. Note, you are not limited to what is on the page. These are the most common pages that will be accessed. You can also continue to use pages that were posted previously like (fun games!) or   
 We did not allot time for independent reading, for pleasure, because of the limit on time. Feel free to exceed the 60 minutes, by reading books at home or by reading books on MyOn or Raz-Kids. You may voluntarily exceed the 60 minutes for any subject, for that matter. Mrs. Machovich also recommended using the following site for books:  
 Mr. Khan e-mailed us another resource that you are free to use on your own time. The site is This site can be used for all subjects. Please use this unique URL, not just going straight to the Moby Max website because this site is generated specifically for our school. Your child’s username and password is his/her first and last name in all lowercase letters. For example: christinemartin (username) & christinemartin (password). If your child’s last name is hyphenated, please exclude the hyphen.  
 I will continue to post chapters from Friendship according to Humphrey. Over spring break, I recorded a few more chapters and I will continue to post questions to Flip Grid. Again, this is optional, but the best way to keep your kiddo entertained for a little while each day. Plus, I am enjoying seeing them on Flip Grid. For some of the chapters, there are files that need to be accessed if you would like to do the work (poetry files). These can be found on Bloomz or on the class webpage. Below is a recap of the links for each chapter: 
I will continue to post chapters beyond 10 during this week.  
Topic: Mrs. Martin's Class Meeting 
Meeting ID: 927 6143 2512 
Password: 032516 
 Parents, just so you are aware, there is a new “waiting room” feature on Zoom. I will have to accept the students before they can enter the class meeting. Please be sure that the name on your Zoom account reflects your child so that I can admit them into the Zoom meeting. This feature, along with the password, will prevent any unwanted guests from joining our meeting.  
If you have any questions, at all, please feel free to reach out to me at any time! My question for you, parents, is what can I do to help you? Feel free to comment or message me any questions that you may have!
Update 3/23/20

Attached, there are 4 documents (language arts, social studies, math, and science) that list the SOL objects that have been already covered and taught this school year, thus far. You have the option to look through those and find objectives which you would like to review or extend. 
Social Studies SOL Objectives already covered.docx
Language Arts SOL Objectives Already Covered.docx
Science SOL Objectives already covered.docx
Math SOL Objectives Already Covered.docx

Language Arts

Language Arts
To support continuity of  learning the Office of Student Learning is providing high quality  resources that you can incorporate into learning activities at home with your students. Some  general tools to support your  instruction include:

- Complete poetry notebook (attached)
-  ReadWorks offers a variety of searchable reading materials (fiction, non-fiction, and  poetry), text sets, paired passages, and an Article of the Day.
-Ways students can respond to reading in writing (attached)
-Benchmark Universe on Clever- I will let you know if I assign any assignments on this site. 
-Curbsite pick up at your local library. This link will explain more information:
- Free trial to Raz-Kids! There you will find leveled books for your child to read. I will be emailing out log in information, soon! I already entered a close reading level for your child based on his/her last assessment. 

-Below are Performance Assessments-
These are what would be optional performance assessments that would take place at the end of each unit. Feel free to review and use these at home. We are working on unit 4 at this time. 
Unit 1 
--In their reader’s notebook, students will provide a response by drawing and writing. The response could include: description of characters, main events, or personal connection
--Students will create a page for a class book that tells a personal narrative about them.  When planning their page, they should brainstorm with their teacher and fellow students to come up with possible ideas.  When creating their page, they should:  • stay on topic,   • write at least two sentences,  • use uppercase letters when needed, and  • end punctuation
Unit 2
--After a read aloud, students will retell the story orally or draw pictures on a story board.  Students should include the characters, setting, and events in correct sequence.  If students retell in pictures, they should write simple sentences to explain their pictures.
Unit 3
--After a read aloud or independent reading, students will work in groups to conduct a book talk about the book they are reading.  The book talk should cover the big ideas:
 • information about the characters, 
 • questions about the book while you are reading, and 
 • opinions about the book
--Students will create a written advertisement or commercial about their favorite movie. It should include evidence to support why they think this movie is the best and visuals to make it interesting.  After finishing, they will share this with a peer to receive feedback to improve their advertisement. Keep in mind that you will use all steps of the writing process to complete this assignment.
Unit 4
--Students will preview a nonfiction text and generate questions (who, what, where, when, how, why) about the topic. Students will read and note answers to their questions. The focus of this task should be on providing evidence of learning from text they’ve read.
--Students will create an informational book or poster about a nonfiction topic of their choice, organized on a graphic organizer. Students will research with a partner using books available in their classroom, library, or by using online sources.  Students should include facts that they have learned and begin to include text features such as headings and illustrations. Students will use all steps of the writing process to complete this assignment. 
Unit 5 (have not started)
--Given a picture, students will write descriptively to capture the image in their writing. The student should use appropriate adjectives and verbs to describe the picture. The reader should be able to visualize what they've described. (1.7g,h)
--The teacher will read a descriptive poem, having students visualize the images of the poem. Then students will draw a picture of what the poem made them see. Students will think about which details from the poem appealed to their senses. Students should be sure the picture captures the theme of the poem.
You will create a poem about a topic of your choosing.  You may use a shape poem, list poem, rhyming poem, non-rhyming poem, or other style. Your poem should include: 
  • descriptive words, 
  • use capital and lowercase letters when needed,
 • correctly spelling known words.  Keep in mind that you will use all steps of the writing process to complete this assignment. (1.7g; 1.11a,b; 1.12c,d,e,g) 
Ways Students Can Respond to Reading in Writing.pdf
Complete Primary Poetry Notebook.pdf
Update 3/23/20


The Mathematics Office recommends the following resources to support students' continued practice with concepts and skill they have already been taught.

Progress Check -Writing Numbers to 110 - Checklist for tracking students writing numbers in sequence and out of sequence to 110.
B1. Progress Check - Checklist for SOL 1.1b for Grade 1 Unit 9 2019-2020.docx

 Addition and Subtraction Fluency Quick Checks
for formative assessment of addition and subtraction fluency.
B1. Quick Check Resources for 1.7b.pdf

 Ten Crayons in All - Students solve a “How many of each?” problem about 10 crayons. Modify the problem as appropriate to include up to 20 crayons.
Ten Crayons in All_Investigations.pdf

 Story Problems with Missing Parts - Students solve story problems with Change Unknown or Start Unknown. 
Story Problems with Missing Parts_Investigations U6.pdf

 Progress Check - Estimation and Magnitude - Students estimate and select the approximate quantity for filling or measuring an item.  
B2. Progress Check - Estimation and Magnitude for Grade 1 Unit 9 2019-2020.pdf

Number Games and Crayon Puzzles - A variety of problem-solving activities to reinforce and practice fluency with addition and subtraction to 10, including part-whole fluency in story problem contexts.
Number Games and Crayon Puzzles_Investigations Gr 1 U 6.pdf

Dice Activities for Math – Dice games for practicing number patterns, computation, and time concepts.
Dice activities for math - Grade 1.pdf

 110 Chart, 5 Frames, Blank 110 Chart, Place Value Mat  - These resources may be used for practicing number sequencing, addition/subtraction games, etc. 
110 Charts.pdf
Blank 110 Chart.docx
five frames and ten frames.pdf
Place Value Mat.pdf

Online Resources 
Math words and ideas-short sequences, in English and Spanish, for students to review and practice content, grades K-5. Includes interactive manipulatives, etc
Investigations Games- for review and practice of K-5 mathematics content
Mathematical Art- Art is everywhere in our world and is intimately linked to math although we may not always think of it in that way. Poetry is all about following certain patterns within the syllables you use, music finds the ratios between tones so they harmonize at the right times, and in the visual arts we can find all sorts of geometry and patterns. This activity is about noticing and sharing the math that is in the art from different cultures.
 Virtual Manipulatives- These tools, which students have been using in their mathematics lessons, can be used on a computer or tablet. Drag the manipulatives into position to see math concepts come alive! For help while using each app, look for the "i" symbol for more information
 3-Act Tasks - Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, to foster students’ curiosity and incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

SPLAT! - Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number sense activities that can be used at any grade level!

 Esti-Mysteries - Estimation Meets Math Mysteries. Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.  As you click through the each EstiMystery, clues will appear that will allow the students to use math concepts to narrow the set of possibilities to a small set of numbers.  In the end, the students will need to call upon their estimation skills to solve the mystery and find the missing number.

Greg Tang Math - This site includes a wide variety of mathematics games and resources, including Ten Frame Mania, Numtanga, and Math Limbo, to challenge students’ math thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Open Middle - Challenging math problems at all grade levels that have a “closed beginning,” meaning that they all start with the same initial problem, a “closed end,” meaning that they all end with the same answer, and an “open middle,” meaning that there are multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.

To support continuity of learning, the Office of Student Learning is providing optional high quality resources that you can incorporate into learning activities at home with your students. Some general tools to support your instruction include:

• PBS - Website offers videos, tips, and activities for at-home learning.
• Generation Genius – NSTA and Next Generation Science videos for all grade levels and activities to try at home.

 • ABCya! - Online learning games that keep learning fun and coincide with NGSS and VA SOLs.

• Smithsonian Fun Stuff for Kids Online – Students can meet the animals while viewing webcams, play in the science game center, explore the learning lab and become science creators.

  • National Geographic Kids - Explore Brain Boosters and Animal Facts and Pictures, and Cool Stuff pages.

I will also be individually  e-mailing log in information for the online science text book. I have provided 3 items as review from our animal unit. The link for the site is:

Completing the activities under the "things to do" tab is, again, optional. You may also use the book to read about any topic!  Think Central is narrated and loaded with interactive lessons and virtual labs. Please be on the look out for your child's user name and password. 
Update 3/19/20

Attached below are the lists of the first grade snap words from unit 1-5. :) Feel free to use these for practice at home. I regularly check and update our class Bloomz Page. I LOVE all of the learning that I am seeing at home. You all are shining stars!

I am really missing all of your children! Please give each and every one of them a hug for me!
I hope to see them soon!
UOSP Snap Words First Grade Unit 5.pdf
UOSP Snap Words First Grade Unit 4.pdf
UOSP Snap Words First Grade Unit 3.pdf
UOSP Snap Words First Grade Unit 2.pdf
UOSP Snap Words First Grade Unit 1.pdf

Update 3/17/20

Per the county e-mail, I wanted to remind you that I did not "assign" the learning packet as a mandatory document. The ideas are provided to you if you would like to extend your child's learning during his/her time off of school. :)

If you choose to complete the phonics project, below is a cheat sheet for parents:
-Digraphs are two letters that come together to make one sound- ch, sh, th, wh, ph, ck, etc.
-Blends are two consonants that are side by side in a word. They can occur at the beginning or the end of a word. The consonants that make up a consonant blend cannot be separated by any vowels, and the effect is that the sound of each given consonant in the blend is produced but so quickly that the sounds combine and blend together in a smooth manner.
***A Blends/Digraphs chart can be found under the documents page. 
-Letter twins are two consonants found in the middle of a word that are the same (twins). Letter twins cannot be vowels and they cannot occur at the end of a word. If you split the letter twins apart, it will tell you where the syllables divide. For example, "butterfly = but,ter,fly"
-Vowel Teams- two vowels together that assume either the sound of one of the vowels or a completely different sound. We have a class vowel chart that we created. You can find this in the photos from the Vowel Town post. Examples of vowel teams are: oo, ou, ai, ea, etc.
-Long vowel silent e- When a word has a long vowel with a silent e at the end of a word. Examples are: cage and ape. 

Below are some websites which you may find useful at home!
Authors and Illustrators Reading 
Shark story Hour

Update 3/13/20

Hi fabulous first grade families,

Attached, you will find the distance learning packet that our team created. On the packet, you will find ideas for many projects across the curriculum. While none of the projects are mandatory, it is a great way to continue and extend learning at home. The animals project was a project that we planned on assigning. While none of us are sure what the future holds, I find that it is important to deliver all possible avenues of continuing learning and education at home through this time of uncertainty. As of now, the plan is still to come back Wednesday. IF anything were to change, and your child did not come to school today, please use this online copy as your resource. If your child was at school today, he/she will be coming home with a hard copy. There are many fun ideas for projects inside! 

Your child will have instructions for accessing clever in his/her agenda today. Your child had the opportunity to take home three more library books. Please use that to access any online materials. If you have any questions, e-mail me at any time!

Distance learning Packet.pdf

Mrs. Martin

Hello, and welcome to my webpage! My name is Mrs. Christine Martin.  I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and will be caught wearing black and gold most weekends throughout the football season. Right now, I have two wonderful dogs named Dexter (Bichon Frise) and Pyper (German Shepherd). I have a daughter named Bradlyn who was born in June 2019. 

I obtained a dual certification in Special Education (Grades K-12) and Elementary Education (Grades K-6) from LaRoche College. I also have a minor in Psychology. I have a Masters Degree in Reading Education from Old Dominion University. I am a certified Reading Specialist and ESOL teacher. I've taught first grade for 9 years in Prince William County Schools. (6 at Westridge Elementary and 3 at Leesylvania Elementary)

I moved to Virginia in 2011 to begin my career in education. I absolutely LOVE teaching 1st grade! I have taught many grades throughout my experience teaching Saturday Academy, Summer School, and tutoring on the side. However, my passion is within the first grade classroom. I am ready for a wonderful year of growth and learning!​

Daily Schedule 

Tardy bell 9:10
Science/Social Studies
FAIR-Core Extension
Language Arts Rotations
Lunch 12:28 - 12:58
Language Arts
Dismissal 3:50