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Monday: Social Studies am - PE activities pm

Tuesday: Reading am - Music pm

Wednesday: Office Hour-10:30-11:30, Zoom Meeting for students 1:00

Thursday: Math am - Art pm

Friday: Science am - Library/Guidance pm

(Specialists will be providing activities)

Week of May 18-22

This week our review focuses on the following:

Virginia Studies - American Revolution

Language Arts - Story Elements

Math - Add and Subtract Fractions

Science - Force and Motion

The best place to access these assignments remains the Canvas app that you can reach through Clever.

These assignments are also located in the Files and Documents tab from this page. Select a Distance Learning and then the subject folder and date.

Week of May 4-8

Report cards will be emailed home on May 5. Please be sure your email address is correct in the HUB/Parent Vue.

Suggested Review activities are available in Canvas or on this webpage in Files and Documents/a Distance Learning. Select the subject folder and the week to bring your student to the activities.

April 27-May 1

Welcome to another week of Distance Learning! This week our review topics are as follows

Virginia Studies: Native Americans

Language Arts: Narrative Writing

Math; Multiple digit subtraction with regrouping and 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication

Science: Weather

Thank you to all of you for your patience and willingness to learn Canvas. It seems that every day I learn something that will make it a better user experience for all of us. Many students are using the platform and sending me positive feedback. Ideally, I would have taught the students how to use this in person. So far I have gotten positive feedback in terms o it being easy to access the assignments, post completed work and communicate. I encourage everyone to use it.

Open and sign into Clever. Find the Canvas icon and select. It will take you directly to your student page.

Canvas can also be accessed as an icon on the Westridge Symbaloo. You will still need to use your username and password.

I have placed the same assignments on my webpage as well. Files and Documents/a Distance Learning/select subject folder and date.

As always, you can reach me by email and the students can message me through Teams Chats for more immediate responses.

Thank you all for your hard work! I can't wait to see you all in person again!

April 20-24

Hello Parents and Students,

This week marks the beginning of Distance Learning as defined by PWCS. Teachers have been directed to review the objectives already taught this year. Review lessons have been posted on my webpage which you can access here . Open each subject folder to view the lesson plan and relevant documents. New lessons will be posted each week. "Due" dates are one week from the assignment. You can also select "Files and Documents" on the left navigation, then Distance Learning, and subject folders. 

Another way that I am attempting to simplify this for all of us is the Canvas app that should be available through students’ Clever page. Have your student log in to Clever, locate and select the Canvas button. It should open your student to a Courses page. They select each course and view the Modules.

I am trying to learn the ins and outs of this platform as quickly as I can! Please be patient with me. There are rumblings in PWCS that this will be the preferred platform next year. (?) If I can get the modules and assignments loaded correctly, and your student can access it, it should be one stop shopping for us all!

Please remember that all work is optional and based on the demands in your home. As teachers we get excited and always plan more than will be accomplished. The guidelines from the County is 60 minutes per day, per subject. We differentiate in the classroom for student needs, so please feel free to differentiate at home!

One more tip, be sure your student is logged in to Clever before you begin accessing assignments. This will hopefully save some time and frustration. I will see all BrainPop assignments completed. Students can take pictures of their projects, submit word documents, and share at our weekly Zoom Meeting.

We are all attempting to provide learning that is designed to take place in a vibrant, social school setting, but we will get through this! Please remember to keep it fun and as stress free as possible for our children.

Stay well everyone!

Mrs. Stark

Monday: Social Studies am - PE activities pm

Tuesday: Reading am - Music pm

Wednesday: Office Hour-10:30-11:30, Zoom Meeting for students 1:00

Thursday: Math am - Art pm

Friday: Science am - Library/Guidance pm

(Lessons and activities are located in "Files and Documents" in the Distance Learning Folder.
"Due dates" are one week from the date of the assignment. Your student can take pictures of their projects and email them to me. They can also log in to Office 365 and use a word document that is saved to PWCS OneDrive. They can share with me from there. 

They should also be prepared to share what they are working on during our weekly Zoom meeting. I just started reading My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George aloud during our meetings.

Again, I appreciate all your patience as we try our best to provide engaging and high quality review for your students!)


April 13-17

Check out the new Choice Boards for this week!

Hello! I hope everyone had a restful break from school. This short week we will continue to provide ideas for maintaining 4th grade skills. Beginning next week, we will provide a more structured set of learning activities. It will be 60 minutes per day of review activities, one subject each day. Please continue to refer to my webpage for Choice Boards and ideas for activities this week.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Monday: Social Studies am - PE activities pm

Tuesday: Reading am - Music pm

Wednesday: Office Hour-10:30-11:30, Zoom Meeting for students 1:00

Thursday: Math am - Art pm

Friday: Science am - Library/Guidance pm

(Specialists will be providing activities)


These are suggested activities. They are not graded, but feedback will be given.

I will be scheduling Zoom meetings for our class every Wednesday at 1:00. I will send an invitation every week so we can keep them password admittance only for the safety of our children. I will hold my “office hour” every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30. This is an hour I will dedicate to being available to you by email for questions. Of course, I will be available to answer emails throughout the week as well.

Please stay safe. Be kind and patient with one another. These are unusual times, but we will work together to make our lives as normal as possible.

I look forward to when I can see everyone in person!

Mrs. Stark

April 3, 2020

Please be sure your email is updated through HUB/Parent Vue. I'm getting a lot of "undeliverable" bounce backs! 
Contact if you need to make changes.

Hello everyone,

Does it seem like we have been social isolating and figuring out school for 3 months instead of 3 weeks? The PWCS leadership continues to work very hard to find solutions to our current situation. If you have questions about expectations I refer you to the communications sent out over the last many weeks.

I am busy digesting all the new information and working with the 4th grade team to provide a schedule of review work. We will provide more information to you the week of April 14.

In the meantime, please enjoy the regularly scheduled Spring break. We will return, in the virtual sense, to school on April 14th. I will leave all the assignments up in Teams if you are looking for things to do. 

Please stay safe and well! I will talk to you soon!

Mrs. Stark

March 30, 2020


I have added an at-home Science Choice Board in the Science File. The best place to find learning activities for your student is the Westridge Symbaloo found on the main Westridge webpage under weblinks. From there your student can login to Clever. If you need your student's Clever badge for easy access on a handheld device, please email me.

I have set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday. Please have your student open their email for a link! This is for students to interact with each other for a short time. Instruction is not planned.

We continue to abide by the directives from our division leadership as they work to ensure Student Equity across our school system.

March 26, 2020

Please check out the Files and Documents Section of this webpage. I have posted the standards for each subject area that we have covered so far this year and what was remaining. 

Printing from Teams seems to be hit and miss. I am figuring it out! There are lots of things I've learned and lots of steps that need to be completed before a file is actually printable! Thank you all for your feedback as it helps me sort out the best procedures.

I will continue to post "assignments" when I find resources that are good for you to use with your student at home. BrainPOP is an excellent place to find videos that address our curriculum. You can also visit Study Jams for more Science and Math videos. 
Bill Nye the Science Guy is on YouTube, but I recommend you view those with your child. 
Generation Genius
is also a great place for fun Science videos and experiments you can try at home.

There are additional useful links in the section on the left of this page. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the wealth of resources that are being provided. I know I am! Pick and choose what is best for you and your student. Remember to keep the learning fun! 

March 23, 2020

Social Studies TEAM

Math TEAM page

Science TEAM page

Reading and Writing TEAM page

PWCS Home Learning Resources

I have been adding resources to the TEAM pages. The most consistent place to find resources is in the "assignment" tab. At this time, the directive from PWCS is that no new work be assigned to students. These resources are provided for you and your student to work with in the manner you feel is best. They are not graded!

I am also trying to provide resources to you in a variety of ways: TEAMS, Emails, Web page. I realize this may be information overload and I apologize. I am trying to reach as many families as possible.

One silver lining is that students will be learning some 21st Century skills! Please check back here often as I will continue to update with information.

March 18, 2020

Thank you for visiting this webpage. I have posted several links in the "Useful Links" tab on the left. Please check back often as I will be posting more when I learn about them.

I have been posting "assignments" on our Teams pages. They are not graded, but provided as a way to keep your student engaged during this extended closure. Please review the instructions below. They will remind you how to access Teams through Office 365. The students have been using Teams all year, so they are familiar with how to get there.

Check Teams often as I will be adding more links and practice activities for our standards. You may also look in the 'announcements" tab to the left for more ideas to keep the learning going! Stay safe everyone!

How to Log in to Office 365

1. To download Office 365-google search and then download for free

2. Log in using your PWCS email address and the password you created

3. You can access TEAMS and Clever using the “waffle” in the upper left corner

4. You may get icons right on the Office 365 home page.


Username:  student last name, up to 6 letters + first initial and second name initial followed by year of graduation (28)

Example:         You must include the


Passwords:  created by individual students so I do not have access to that information. It is the same password you use to log in to the computers at school.

An example: MyFaigorilla4%

TO RESET Your Password – Mr. Sample

“students will be able to reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage. Students will be prompted for their username, student number and date of birth to reset their passwords.

Students have had this information emailed to their parents.”

5 Houses, One Family!!!!!

Vision: Everyone wears their ARMOR every day!
Everyone uses their ARMOR to unite us and make us stronger

It was wonderful to meet so many of you Thursday. I am busy getting the last few details in place so we can have a fantastic start to our new year. I am so excited to see everyone Monday morning! Have a restful weekend. See you soon!


Mrs. Stark

Specials Schedule is based on Blue Week/ Gray Week and will change second semester so all students will have the same number of classes with the Specialists.

Blue Week:
Monday - PE
Tuesday - Guidance/Library
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - PE

Gray Week:
Monday - PE
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - PE

Remember this will change second semester!



Stark Daily Schedule  

9:00-9:10  Arrival/Announcements 

9:10-10:05  Math 

10:05-10:50  Core Extension (FAIR)

10:50-11:10  Math continued  

11:10-11:40  Science 

12:40-12:00  Recess 

12:00-12:16  Science continued 

12:16-12:46  Lunch 

12:46-2:10  Language Arts 

2:10-2:50  Specials 

2:50-3:05  Language Arts continued 

3:05-3:50 Virginia Studies