Learning Ideas/Activities
  • Activities for student learning will be placed in Teams folders. Students can chat, ask questions and share ideas here too. Please be sure the conversations are academic in nature.
  • Students can read myOn. Access this through Clever and their Office 365 username/password
  • Math practice on Dream Box
  • SOL practice topics on Study Island
  • Students can journal about their experiences and submit them to me through Teams - go to files, click on new (create a folder first) then click on new to create a document
  • Practice Multiplication tables & long division (3 digit # divided by 1 digit number)
  • Let students help with measuring cooking ingredients in both metric and customary units
  • Play board games! Especially strategy games! 
  • Practice typing in the typing app on Clever

    Students should practice Math on Dream Box or Study Island for at least 15-20 minutes each night. They can review previous taught concepts and practice new material.


    Please continue to remind your students to show their A.R.M.O.R every day!