Your Counseling Team of Mrs. Fasana and Ms. Alders supports all students success! 

The Westridge School Counseling Team: Mrs Fasana and Ms. Alders

2020-21 school year presents us with a new set of challenges. Your school counselors are still doing most of the same things we've always done to support your learning and emotional health---we will just be doing these things in a different way.  Students will still receive twice monthly guidance lessons, students who need more support will still get to meet in virtual small groups and we still are available to support individual students through consultation with the student and a parent/guardian.

Due to the uniqueness of this year  
Mrs. Fasana will be the direct counselor for grades 3-5
Ms. Alders for our kinders through 2nd grade.  Mrs. Fasana will continue to be the full time counselor and Ms. Alders will support students at Westridge four days a week.  

Mrs. Fasana  (Grades 3-5)  is available M-F 8:50 AM--4PM  email  and Tuesday evenings 6:30PM-8PM email or by appointment.   

Ms. Alders (Grades K-2) is available M-F 8:50-4PM and Wednesday evenings 6:30-8PM by appointment email                                                                                                 
Email shouldn't be used as an emergency situation as this email isn't monitored 24hrs a day.  If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please call 911, if you need mental health support one of the community resources listed below:
ACTS Helpline 703-368-4141
PWC Community Services Board 703-792-7800 1-800-SUICIDE (24 hour hotline)
Domestic Violence Hotline  1800-838-8238
Crisis Text Hotline (24 hours) 741741   Food Bank information
PWC Child Protective Services Hotline 703-792-4200