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Optional Lessons April 20-24

Beginning this week, the second grade will begin the new lesson plan format. The plans are formatted so that each subject has a designated day. However, lessons are planned so,if you choose, they may be spread throughout the week (10-15 minutes per subject per day). PWCS recommends elementary school students spend one hour per subject per week.

April 20-24 Lesson plans

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe. I am still in shock and processing the fact that we will not be ending the school year together. I miss every one of my little ladies and gentlemen. Please give your children my love. I can't wait to see them again next year as they begin their 3rd grade adventures!
On this webpage under files and documents, I have created an optional lesson plan guide for March 25-April 3. All the resources can be found in the folder as well.Located in the Social Studies folder is the 2nd Grade Social Studies textbook and reproducible pages.
Just a reminder:
Raz-Kidz teacher login kernrr81
MyOn and Dreambox logins can be found on Clever

Online Resources 
Math words and ideas-short sequences, in English and Spanish, for students to review and practice content, grades K-5. Includes interactive manipulatives, etc

Investigations Games- for review and practice of K-5 mathematics content

Mathematical Art- Art is everywhere in our world and is intimately linked to math although we may not always think of it in that way. Poetry is all about following certain patterns within the syllables you use, music finds the ratios between tones so they harmonize at the right times, and in the visual arts we can find all sorts of geometry and patterns. This activity is about noticing and sharing the math that is in the art from different cultures.   
 Virtual Manipulatives- These tools, which students have been using in their mathematics lessons, can be used on a computer or tablet. Drag the manipulatives into position to see math concepts come alive! For help while using each app, look for the "i" symbol for more information
 3-Act Tasks - Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, to foster students’ curiosity and incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

SPLAT! - Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number sense activities that can be used at any grade level! 
I hope you are all staying safe and finding activities to do with your family. I found some errors in e-mail address from the mass e-mail I sent on Friday, so let me know if you didn't receive the e-mails. If you need pass codes for clever, raz-kidz, or dreambox, please let me know.If you don't have a class dojo account, please let me know as well.
 These are not required, just ideas for home learning activities.In math we have been working on addition, subtraction, and rounding.
 I am including some resources, if you would like to work with your child at home. Now is a great time to play outside, play a family game, cook, and bake together. Please let me know if you have any questions and stay safe!

Daily Schedule 

Tardy bell 9:10
Core Extension (F.A.I.R)
Lunch 11:56 - 12:26
Language Arts
Specials/Encore 2:55-3:40 (see schedule below)
Dismissal 3:50

DAY 1: PE  
DAY 3: PE