**Links to online resources can be found under "Useful Links" on the left hand side. Curriculum calendars, daily schedules, study guides, and practice slideshows are under "Files and Documents" on the left hand side. Anything highlighted in a curriculum calendar is something we did not cover in class prior to March 13th.**

Distance Learning

How do I contact my child's teacher?
I can be reached at ivancieb@pwcs.edu. Mrs. Barr's email address is barrnj@pwcs.edu. Specialist's emails may be found under the Staff Directory tab at the top of your screen. 
What is Office 365/Teams?
Office 365 is a suite of programs that includes your student's email account as well as Microsoft Teams. Teams is a tool for communication and access to assignments. To log in to Office 365, access the WRES Symbaloo by going to the "Web Links" tab at the top of your screen. Click on the Office 365 icon. 
What is my child's email address/password? 
Email: Student last name, up to 6 letters + first initial and second name initial followed by year of graduation (27). Example:    StudenIA27@pwcs-edu.org
         You must include the @pwcs-edu.org
Password:  The same password students use to log in to the computers at school. An example: MyFaigorilla4%    Students will be able to reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage. Students will be prompted for their username, student number and date of birth to reset their passwords.
What is my child expected to complete each day? 
Our schedule is on the right side of your screen. Optional work will be provided each day, not exceeding 60 minutes per subject. Assignments may be found under "Files and Documents" to the left. Assignments will also be posted on Teams. No student work will be graded, though I am happy to provide feedback! There are no specific times for anything other than our class meeting. All work is student-led. 
What if the schedule does not work for me? 
The health and happiness of all our students is the main concern of our Westridge Family right now. All activities provided are optional and you are more than welcome to modify them to fit your family's needs. Don't feel like you need to replicate a full day of school at home.
What can I do to keep my child learning at home?
Learning involves so much more than pencil and paper (or screen) work! Read every day, exploring new genres and authors. Share a book that you love with your child. Encourage them to read to younger siblings or even pets!
Get into the kitchen and make some messes! Practice measurements and fractions while you create something delicious.
Stay active! Go outside (while still following safety guidelines) or use something like GoNoodle to help you move your body every day.
Practice writing skills by writing letters or emails to loved ones.
Find hands-on activities like science experiments, art projects, salt maps, etc. Pinterest is great for this!





Ms. Ivancic at UMW

Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns!
 Email: ivancieb@pwcs.edu

Distance Learning Schedule 

Spring 2020

Monday:  Science (Morning)
Library/Guidance (Afternoon)

Tuesday: Social Studies (Morning)
      P.E. (Afternoon)

Wednesday: Reading (Morning)
           Music (Afternoon) 

Thursday: Ms. Ivancic's Office Hours. Class Meeting @ 2:00 on Zoom (check student email for invitations)

Friday: Math (Morning)
     Art (Afternoon)